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 Canal Basin

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PostSubject: Canal Basin   Canal Basin EmptyMon 4 Jan - 13:12

Hi Alain,

Nice to bump into you yesterday; hope you had good luck at Tour & Taxis.

Anyone looking in the area of the canal basin might also check the large (now fenced off) building plot on the other side of the road, next to the canals/old gas station. Yesterday there were 4 linnets & 3 reed buntings there - I think the developers sowed some wild meadow flowers last summer, so there seems to be some food for finches there.

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PostSubject: Re: Canal Basin   Canal Basin EmptyWed 6 Jan - 22:19


Meilleurs voeux pour une année 2010 pleine d'oiseaux!

Passage au bassin Vergote ce matin au lever du soleil (8h35): pas grand chose sur le bassin (voir par ailleurs), par contre, l'endroit indiqué par Graham s'est révélé intéressant.
Il s'agit de la friche créée par la démolition du bâtiment situé en face de la station d'essence jouxtant le canal.
Le site est clôturé mais les clôtures ne sont pas jointives au nivau des maisons mitoyennes...

Ce 6/1/10 à 9h:
- linotte mélodieuse (linnet): 26
- alouette des champs (skylark): 4
- bruant des roseaux (reed bunting): 1M
- pinson des arbres (chaffinch): 8 (au sol, s'envolant: dortoir?)
- moineau domestique (house sparrow): 4 (il y avait une colonie nidificatrice dans le bâtiment détruit)

Thanks to Graham for the information!

Bonnes obs à tous,

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Alain Boeckx

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PostSubject: Re: Canal Basin   Canal Basin EmptyThu 7 Jan - 18:50

Hi Graham,

Nice to meet you at bassin Vergote. There were indeed few birds to see into the spot of Tour and Taxis (last sunday). Only a poor common snipe later round sixteen o'clock. But early in the morning, it seems that there were a little more to observe. For example, Bernard Pasau noticed at least one jack snipe and two common snipe, but no more eurasian woodcock.

Together with Luc Boon and Bernard Pasau, we checked at least 12 goldfinches, 1 sky lark in fly, 1 reed bunting.........
May be the weather was too much cold and snow recovered the whole spot.

Hoping to meet you again along the bassin Vergote and better into the spot of tour and taxis.


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PostSubject: Re: Canal Basin   Canal Basin Empty

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Canal Basin
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