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 Parution: Animal Movement Across Scales

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Martine Wauters

Martine Wauters

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Parution: Animal Movement Across Scales Empty
PostSubject: Parution: Animal Movement Across Scales   Parution: Animal Movement Across Scales EmptyWed 19 Nov - 1:07


Voici un ouvrage prometteur.
Je n'ai pas (encore) lu/acheté cette publication mais je connais Susanne Akesson via le réseau international des  "amis des martinets" dont je fais partie.

Animal Movement Across Scales
Edited by Lars-Anders Hansson and Susanne Akesson
304 pages | 246x189mm
978-0-19-967719-1 | Paperback | 21 August 2014
Price:  £39.99
Also available as: eBook | Hardback

Table of contents:
1: An Introduction to Animal Movement
2: Patterns of Animal Migration
3: Movement and Migration in a Changing World
4: Beyond Dispersal: The Role of Animal Movement in Modern Agricultural Landscapes
5: Migration and Flight Strategies in Animals: New Insights from Tracking Migratory Journeys
6: Individuality in Movement: The Role of Animal Personality
7: Dispersal and Phenotypic Plasticity
8: Pathogens and Hosts on the Move
9: Animal Navigation
10: Sensory Mechanisms of Animal Orientation and Navigation
11: Movements in the Olfactory Landscape
12: The Genetics of Migration
13: The Physics of Animal Locomotion
14: A Synthesis of Animal Movement Across Scales
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Parution: Animal Movement Across Scales
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