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 Witoogeenden/Fuligules nyroca

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Daan Drukker

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PostSubject: Witoogeenden/Fuligules nyroca    Wed 2 Jan - 19:14

An English text, since i don't want to translate everything Wink

We've all noticed the sudden appearence of four or five ferruginous ducks (Aythya nyroca) in Brussels. Ducks are often directly suspected of being escaped from a waterfowl collection. It is true that especially ducks are very often held in captivity and that they often tend to escape. What we often seem to forget is that ducks are excellent flyers and swimmers who can reach large distances without making use of e.g. ships. Below i've made a list of pro's and contra's of the likelihood that the 'invasion of fudge ducks' consists of wild animals or not.

- Ferruginous ducks are often held in waterfowl collections. I don't have any scientific data on how much, let alone how much they escape. It is a fact that when I see a waterfowl collection, fudge ducks are often present
- No Easterly winds (that could have driven them)
- (Edit:) Most individuals were not shy and they often ate from the bread that was thrown in the water ("zakken voor de broodtest" as the Dutch say Wink)

- small invasion also noticable in the rest of the Benelux. Here a list of observations since the last period of snow a few weeks back: The Netherlands: 6 individuals only in the southern and middle part of the country: de Grave (NB), Alphen aan de Rijn (ZH), Kerkrade (LI), Haaksbergerveen (OV), Wilp (GE) and Barendrecht (ZH). Begium: Apart from the Brussels brids we have the longstayers in Harelbeke (WV) en Sas Bossuit (HA), furthermore we have new arrivals in Waasmunster (OV), Marais d'Harchies (HA), Stappersven (AN) and Grensmaas (LI). Source: and
- All unringed individuals.

I wonder what your opinion is on these observations. Please do not hesitate to give more pro's and contra's! In the end we can all decide for ourselves wether we want these ducks on our lists or not Wink

Just for the overview: the ducks have been seen on the following sites: Rouge cloitre/Rood Klooster (vijver diep in het bos), Parc Malou, Parc Woluwe, Jardins Sobieski and maybe the same individual elsewhere in Laken/Laeken.


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Nils Bouillard

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PostSubject: Re: Witoogeenden/Fuligules nyroca    Thu 3 Jan - 8:24

I would add the fact that the one I saw in the Rouge-Cloitre was really not shy, it came to eat bread that someone had thrown for the coots...
That's a contra more.
What you did is a very good idea and gives us a good overview of the situation.
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Daan Drukker

Nombre de messages : 51
Age : 27
Location : ambiorix
Date d'inscription : 2009-08-31

PostSubject: Re: Witoogeenden/Fuligules nyroca    Thu 3 Jan - 12:18

Hi Nils,

Good point, i'll add that to the list!

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Marc Derycke

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PostSubject: Re: Witoogeenden/Fuligules nyroca    Thu 3 Jan - 18:01


J'ai trouvé une publication récente de Sovon sur le Fuligule nyroca aux Pays-Bas
qui contient quelques informations intéressantes pour analyser les observations bruxelloises (proportion d'échappés, cas récents de nidification aux Pays-Bas, dispersion hivernale S-O sur longue distance, etc.).

Bonne lecture !
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PostSubject: Re: Witoogeenden/Fuligules nyroca    

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Witoogeenden/Fuligules nyroca
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